Meet The Team

Dr. Leah Levanduski

Medical Director

Dr. Levanduski was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, followed by a research assistantship and a Master’s Degree in Food Microbiology at West Virginia University. She then went on to pursue her true calling in life, and earned her Veterinary Medical Degree (VMD) from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011.

Dr. Levanduski has honed her skills at several practices in and around the Pittsburgh area, gaining a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the process. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and little boy, as well as planning trips to new destinations.

Dr. Levanduski’s love for animals started at a young age and has been her sole passion. Her favorite thing about working with animals is the fact that even when they are fearful, they are grateful for the help they receive. Though it can be emotionally exhausting, Dr. Levanduski finds great fulfillment in helping people and their pets through difficult times and choices.

Dr. Levanduski knew that veterinary medicine was the right profession for her when she realized that it was her calling. Her dedication to her clients and their pets is unwavering, and she strives to provide the highest level of care possible.